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Georgia's Parole Decision Guidelines

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the law firm Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates focuses its practice on postconviction legal representation, including habeas corpus, appeals, and parole and pardon cases. Utilizing the expertise of a former Georgia Parole Board member, Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates offers legal counsel concerning parole matters and Georgia's Parole Decision Guidelines.

Established in 1979, the goal of the Parole Decision Guidelines is to standardize confinement times. Revised several times, the most recent amendments integrated a data-driven risk instrument into the process along with new guidelines for time-to-serve. Additionally, the new guidelines also align with the average duration of prison sentences imposed by the state for the first time.

The revisions were adopted after the extensive study of several parole-related factors, including the risks associated with granting clemency, past practices, and the impact of granting or denying parole on prison capacity. Ultimately, the Parole Board determined the revisions served the best interests of the public and the criminal justice community.

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